Tango Flashmob at Belfast City Hall

November 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

On Saturday a crowd gathered beside the Christmas tree for the 2pm tour at Belfast City Hall. As they stood, listening attentively to the tour guide, a careful observer may have noticed that some were wearing slightly more interesting shoes...

As the tour moved up the wide staircase to continue to the next level one member of the tour stood beside the tree... waiting... then the music started. As Feliz Navidad played, he was joined by his partner and they began to dance Argentine Tango.

They were joined by another couple and then another, as more and more people walked down the staircase from the tour - and soon the floor was filled with couples dancing tango around the Christmas tree. 

As each couple danced for a while, then changed partners, a security guard came over to see what was happening - he was immediately invited to join in - and he did! 

Meanwhile, the rest of the tour stood and watched, delighted by this special extra entertainment in their tour!


So what was all this about? It was a Tango Flashmob organised by the  Belfast Argentine Tango Society to promote the launch of their Tango Festival - Titango, which takes place 20-22 June 2014. 

If you want to try tango for yourself, there is a FREE beginners class at 7-8pm, Saturday 30th November at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast, followed by the (also free!) launch party for Titango and a performance by visiting teachers Guillermo Torrens and Maria Maragaki. This is a great opportunity to give tango a go - come along and try it!

Here are a few more from Saturday...


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